Combine a tour to this experience is very difficult, that's why this is only a suggestion just to create the right atmosphere and the interest towards it. 2000 years ago the volcano Vesuvius was painted in the homes of ancient Pompeii full of grapes and wine produced was exported throughout the Roman Empire , after 2000 years Vesuvius still offers great wine to its inhabitants , not only rich in taste but also of ancient tradiction.Situated in a strategic position overlooking the bay of Naples , only few know that many families still produce wine of Vesuvius , some for many generations , this is the reason why you need to know these local walks off of their survival . We will organize the day, our local expert driver with his minivan will accompany you throughout the day , our local guide will explain the history of the sights and the beauty of the place you choose, then we will visit a vineyard on the slopes of the volcano , you can walk among the vines and grapes touch the newborn and at the same time admire one of the most beautiful views of the bay of Naples, but the real surprise is that the lunch will be served in the middle of the vine farm, each dish will be paired with the Neapolitan tradition a wine produced from that vine.Certally you will never forget this experience.

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