Our driver will pick you up at desembarkation point of the port. Sit back and relax as you are transported in total comfort in our air-conditioned Minivan/Car to your first stop on your tour: Pompeii In Pompei an expert english speaking local guide will wait for you and toghether with him you will Enjoy an afternoon wandering through the ruins of the one-time Roman town burried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. Amazing frescos and various architectural wonders so advanced for their era. After your visit to the ruins of Pompeii you will once again enjoy a short trip to the neighbouring town of Ercolano which was originally also an important Roman town called Herculaneum up until 79AD. Enjoy the well preserved frescos and various villas as well as the infamous boat houses where the tragic victims of the eruption tried to take shelter. Next stop will be on the slopes of Vesuvius itself. You can enjoy a delicious Italian lunch as well as a taste of the area’s renowned Mozzarella cheese and the famous wine of Vesuvio Not too much Wine because after lunch you will make the short walk to the top of the volcano. You really can’t appreciate the size and power of Vesuvius until you don't get to the top of the crater. It is a must see for anyone visiting the fascinating region. Finally we will escort you back to your waiting cruise ship in the Port and wish you the best for the remainder of your holiday.

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