Combine a tour with this experience is very difficult that's why this is only a suggestion to create the right atmosphere and the interest towards it : The question that we always do is: where the Pizza was born first?the answer is Napoli.Still exist in the ancient alleys of the city very old Pizzerias that since generation to generation do this fantastic food that for us is a food art , there are hundreds of flavors and made ​​in so many ways but the queen of all is the MARGHERITA.Non everyone knows that pizza Margherita was created in Napoli in 1889 to thank the Queen Margherita 's visit to Napoli, so , without know it , the chef Raffaele Esposito created the most famous Pizza of the world.Visit the historical center of Napoli is like stepping into a time machine , Building , Streets,Houses,Churces ,The underground City , thousand-years of history of this city , For this reason we recommend you to spend a little time in this wonderful city and we are sure that at the end you will love it. We will organize the day, our local expert driver with his minivan will accompany you throughout the day , our local guide will explain the history of the sights and the beauty of the place you have chosen , and strolling through the old town you will enter in to the world of true Neapolitan pizza .

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