Combine a tour with this experience is very difficult that's why this is only a suggestion to create the right atmosphere and the interest towards it : Not everyone knows that GRAGNANO is the city of pasta and is located in a strategic position between Naples and Sorrento.In the neighborhood of this city there's one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Campania : the ancient Stabia , that's why when you decided to visit this famous places for Pasta experience, we want to advise to not miss the opportunity to visit this archaeological site less known but with a unique charm. We will organize the day, our local expert driver with his minivan will accompany you throughout the day , our local guide will explain the history of the sights and the beauty of the place you have chosen , then we will open the doors of the oldest pasta factory in the world where they will be shown the production cycle , but the real surprise is that you can eat pasta directly there and taste the dishes of the Neapolitan tradition . Definitely will never forget this experience

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