Combine a tour with this experience is very difficult, that's why this is only a suggestion just to create the right atmosphere and the interest towards it. There are several opportunities to eat some good mozzarella, there is FIOR DI LATTE( cow's milk)produced in the whole area of the peninsula of Sorrento and of Mons Lactarius and then there is the famous BUFFALO MOZZARELLA( buffalo milk)produced in the territories of Paestum and Caserta .You can not leave the region Campania without having had the experience of visiting one of the many dairies of the area.Here our historical tradition , quality and skilled hands make this product unique in the world Our driver will pick you up with its comfortable minivan and take you to the places you have chosen , a local guide will give you all the information most interesting and historical places. this excursion will be combined with a visit to one of the many dairies where there will be opportunity to see how mozzarella is made , we will follow your wishes and also choose a good restaurant nearby ( there are times where you can eat in same dairies of the visit ,their dining options, need previous reservation )

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