Called the "Green Island" with its many centres each one different from the other in the attractions they offer. Among the coastal localities of note "Sant Angelo" a picturesque fishing village. The numerous thermal springs have made Ischia famous throughout the world.The largest town is Ischia Porto, but there are many other small towns and beaches throughout the island, including the tourist-ridden Forio, Casamicciola and others. The Castello d'Ischia is a group of castles on an tiny island near Ischia, including several churches dating from the 14th century. Ischia Ponte is one of the most beautiful and least crowded of the towns, of note is Sant'Angelo also recommended because no cars are allowed in the town. The ancient history of the island of Ischia and results of scientific research in exploring soil and subsoil as well as archaeological escavations have demonstrated the great importance of Ischia thermal springs from many aspect.

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